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October 12, 2020

We were told last week on a webinar with Department of Health that Nebraska has adopted CMS guidelines as far as visitations are concerned.    Thus far CMS guidelines only pertained to Nursing Homes and from them the State would give Assisted Living similar guidelines.  Assisted Living is not mandated Federally, but only by Nebraska.   

This affects visitations at Jonesbrook Estates based on what our County COVID percentages are.  It is not based on numbers of new cases but rather percentage of all tests given that are positive.  To have inside visitations County percentage must be below 5%.  If it is over 5% only outdoor visitation will occur.  If it reaches 10% no visitations will occur (except for compassionate care).   In addition, changes to indoor/outdoor visitation can only occur after the percentage lowers and remains lower for two consecutive weeks.   Our last 2-week percentages were 6% and then 5.6% so we are conducting only outdoor visits.

Segment from those guidelines:

• Low (<5%) = Visitation should occur according to the core principles of COVID19 infection prevention and facility policies.

•Medium (5% – 10%) = Visitation should occur according to the core principles of COVID-19 infection prevention (outdoors) and facility policies (beyond compassionate care visits)

• High (>10%) = Visitation should only occur for compassionate care situations according to the core principles of COVID-19 infection prevention and facility policies.

On a lighter note on September 23rd we had our last of two yearly dreaded night-time fire drills. We picked a warm evening and tried to spice it up a little with a glow party.  During the day we sneakily placed blue twinkle lights in the trees out front.  When the sun went down, we spaced lawn chairs 6ft apart in parking lot.   Staff had glow sticks laying all over in the parking lot and grass.  As each resident exited the building, they got their own glow bracelet to hold or wear.  A few came right back inside afterwards but many chose to sit outside a while and enjoy the show.   Not, a big deal but certainly a new twist to brighten their evening.

We continue exercise classes in the hallways.  We have been doing Bingo back in the dining room for those who prefer a group, with masks and social distancing of course.  For those that prefer not to wear a mask we are still doing hallway Bingo as well.   Residents have completed several crafts for fall including decorations for their tables, scarecrows, and candy corn sunflowers.

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September 28th, 2020

Our Assisted Living Week party themed ‘Rolling with the Waves’ went off superbly.  This is the first time we have had all residents in the dining room together for months.  We had a huge circle to fit everyone in and still be socially distanced from each other.  

Many decorations brightened the place up including bright tablecloths, streamers, center pieces, and balloons.  We had napkins and plates sporting cute fish and sharks.   We served meat, cheeses, tropical fruit, and cookies shaped like fish, and starfish that the residents decorated as well as a blue ocean water drink. 

We divided up in teams and battled it out playing Family Feud.   We also taught them the dance for Baby Shark and danced it numerous times and had a blast.   If you have not heard or seen the popular Baby Shark from any little ones in your family, you are missing out!  One of the residents mentioned it is kind of like a modern version of the Hokey Pokey.

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September 17, 2020

In August, our raised garden bed construction was completed.  We are looking forward to our new garden club activities come Springtime at Jonesbrook.   This week residents planted mums in the front of our raised beds for some seasonal color and fun outdoors.

We began prepping last week for Assisted Living Week, September 13th-19th.  We decided our theme would be “Rolling with the Waves” considering all the ups and downs the residents and families have had with covid-19 this year.

Assisted Living week will be a busy week for our residents.  They are, filling out information about themselves to share with others, like “Favorite place I have visited?”   Residents and staff are helping to decorate for the party, decorating cookies for the party, making center pieces etc.  Last week residents began coloring, cutting, glittering, and gluing all kinds of fish, jellyfish, turtles etc. for our walls.    Our hallways look like a glitter bomb went off!  

Each resident got a new Jonesbrook Estates T-shirt for Assisted Living week.  The shirt is black with bright colors and says, “In a world where you are our everything”.

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September 10, 2020

A few weeks ago, we began taking residents one at a time for an hour-long outing.  We have been doing this as time allows and are down to our last four.  Residents can choose where they want to go within the hour.  We have been out in the county, to Rulo, to the Hiawatha Lake, Humboldt Cancer garden, Dawson, Shubert, and Indian Cave.   When all have had the opportunity to go, we plan to start over and do it again.

At the end of August, we had the tropical snow cone truck arrive at Jonesbrook.  It was a hot day and most all the residents were outdoors in the shade enjoying a large snow cone and some sunshine.  Some of the favorite flavors of the day were pina colada, rainbow, and tiger’s blood.

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September 1, 2020

Jonesbrook Estates, LLC is still in Phase III of our visitation plan, no changes.  We hope to take visits back to resident apartments soon depending on Richardson County’s Covid-19 numbers.  Visits are taking place in our airconditioned lobby with the established visitation schedule.  Online Zoom visits are also available by request and window visits are always available.

Last month we hired a new full time Activity Director, Rebecka Hutfles.   We are excited to welcome her to our Jonesbrook family.   

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