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Service Charges


One may be surprised how affordable Assisted Living at Jonesbrook Estates is!


While still in one's own home, often people underestimate how much money they spend on food each month (groceries, eating out) and forget about all the miscellaneous expenses that add up. Mentally, they simply add up rent or the mortgage and utilities, guess on how much they spend on eating, and come up with a figure that's not accurate.


Assisted living costs include all basic living expenses such as rent, utilities and food, but also includes 24-hour security services, housekeeping, health monitoring services, lawn care, property taxes and insurance, trash removal, repairs and maintenance, and the most frequent things people forget to include; social activities and entertainment.


Costs vary with each resident's apartment size and types of services needed. Besides the basic services and amenities, each resident is assessed by our licensed LPN to determine their individual level of care needs.


Residents and their families generally pay the cost of Assisted Living services through private financial resources. However, did you know that Assisted Livings are covered by Long Term Care Insurance? Therefore, if you have this type of insurance coverage many of your costs are reimbursable to you! Some residents also have their own financial assistance programs. 


Medicare: Neither Medicare Parts A (hosptial Insurance) nor B (which only offers reimbursement for covered services you receive from a doctor) offer coverage for comprehensive ongoing long-term care which includes Assisted Living.


Medicaid Waiver: Jonesbrook Estates accepts Medicaid Waiver residents. To be eligible for Waiver, you must: 1) Be financially eligible for Nebraska State Medicaid. 2) Have physical and health needs which require services similar to those provided by a nursing facility. 3) Have an individualized plan of services and supports that will keep you safe in your home (apartment).


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